About Us

About Dagi

It all started in 1984. The Dagi brand took its first steps in the ready-to-wear industry. Those steps made a tremendous impact.

Dagi was ahead of my time with its character, production quality and capacity, design understanding, marketing skills, in short, with all brand dynamics. Maybe that’s why it was perceived as a foreign brand for the first 10 years. Even in its own industry, there was confusion about its origin. Over time, everything became clear and everyone agreed.

Celebrating its 33rd anniversary in 2016, 100% Turkish Brand Dagi registered its leadership in the women’s and men’s underwear, pajamas and sweatpants market.

Year 2004. Dagi experienced the biggest change after its establishment. A new partnership meant more power and more investment, first the logo was renewed, then the number of stores started to increase, the central building was transferred. The 8000 square meter closed area was restructured to include production. The raw materials used in the products have been changed. Dagi further reinforced the perception of solid and high quality fabric in the consumer mind. Now it started to serve in Erbil in Dagi Iraq region.